Our services are tailored to meet the needs of medium and small private and public companies. Typically, our clients have little or no merchant banking support and are seeking a knowledgeable, skilled partner to help them with transactions.

The Devante team shares decades of experience in developing funding, managing corporate transactions and providing financial guidance.

Our primary services include:

Financing - for private placements of equity or debt, mezzanine capital, or in service of recapitalization or restructuring, Devante Capital provides access to leading private institutions. Our solid history of worthwhile transactions gives Devante a significant edge in credibility when dealing with established banks and senior financial institutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions - from initial solicitation and evaluation of potential partners to due diligence and through solicitation, negotiation and closing, Devante Capital works to provide the absolute best value for its clients. Careful attention to structure and corporate environments are benchmarks of our unique approach. All M&A transactions are client-driven, ensuring their complete control over the process and the ability to accept and reject offers as warranted. 

Management & Leveraged Buyouts/Succession - from structuring plans through the management of closing transactions, Devante is well skilled to orchestrate the entire buyout process. Delivering maximum value is our sole intent.

Divestitures - acquiring the appropriate contacts and delivering prime value in a timely fashion requires specific know how. Our specialists who are familiar with the divestiture process can facilitate the transaction with financial security and a sense of pride and commitment to the future of the company.

Turnarounds & Workouts - returning companies to stability and profitability is a forte of Devante Capital. Having worked through several notable turnarounds, we have the capacity to provide restructuring and financing alternatives suited to this specialty market. Whether in distress or simply concerned about future value, Devante Capital offers clients the independent vision and clarity of corporate thinking required to truly restore their business and reposition for success. 

Management Consulting - as part of a single-source strategy to financial management, Devante Capital offers comprehensive management consulting resources to assist companies in every step of their development. These services include business plan development, strategic planning, business valuations and financial assessment, management recruitment, and restructuring initiatives. Our goal is to aid management with the tools they need in order to become investment ready. 


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