Through working with a wide range of companies and different corporate structures, Devante Capital has been able to develop a proven approach to creating corporate success for companies. Although each situation is different and may be adjusted, this process typically takes place in five phases:

I. Corporate Audit

  • Situational analysis reviews of products, sales and marketing, operations and management
  • Needs analysis
  • Financial review or budget preparation

II. Strategic Planning

  • Clarify the vision
  • Develop strategy
  • Identify resources 
  • Determine action steps required

III. Business Plan

  • Research competitors, industry, trends etc
  • Encapsulate strategy
  • Refine working version
  • Publish plan

IV. Investment Ready

  • To ensure maximum value
  • Recruit management team
  • Establish financial controls
  • Stable revenue streams

V. Raise Capital / Identify Merger Candidates

  • Determine the appropriate method to balance dilution and ensure enough funds are raised
  • Make initial presentations
  • Assist in negotiations
  • Coordinate closing

By following this proven course, clients can be assured that they qualify for financing and/or strategic management.


Financing M & A Buy Outs Turnarounds