The pathways to corporate financing can be complicated and potentially disastrous. Locating the appropriate merger partner, maximizing value and securing the best possible terms can mean the difference between corporate success and failure.

Devante Capital is a Western Canadian-based boutique investment banking firm that offers an alternative for companies by providing single-source access and support. We allow client companies to do what they do best and focus on their core strengths.

We offer one-stop access to:

  • Institutional financing

  • Private Capital (debt, mezzanine, equity)

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Management consulting

  • Shareholder buyouts

  • Divestitures

  • Corporate turnarounds

Devante Capital was founded by a highly experienced group of investment professionals based on the knowledge that companies at virtually every stage require certain fundamental elements in order to succeed. Whether through debt or equity financing, restructuring or other strategic alternatives, Devante Capital seeks to assist management by identifying the best possible course, developing a strategic approach and taking the steps required to provide the nascent elements that produce successful businesses.

Vision, strategy and action

Our philosophy is the product of years of successful financial transactions, corporate management, market analysis and operational experience by Devante’s skilled team of associates. Their collective experience in capitalizing companies has led to a practical process designed to ensure each client’s ability to achieve success.

In this way, Devante Capital can assist a rapidly growing enterprise in its bid to become investment ready or help a company in distress attain its goals of returning to stability and profitability.

The Devante team of associates is committed to delivering to every client the best possible options for the future of the business. In most cases, Devante returns multiple terms and a variety of options in moving to the next stage.

Devante Capital – Empowering Business To Succeed.

Financing M & A Buy Outs Turnarounds